Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Adunni's Dream: Why Oh Why?

In Adunni's #childhood & career, she has struggled with the stark #reality of #senseless #death among #children. This poem is dedicated to her and all the amazing #clinicians / #researchers who ask this question on a daily:

Why oh Why?

Preterm labor...but it's not time
Act of God? Or not so divine
Anxious to save life, Doctors stand by
It's happening again
Why oh why?

Family pacing. Time's a wasting
Silent entry. Occlusive wrap. Intubate.
Research meets confusion and pain
I wish the story was more kind
Little heart rate? A long flat line.
Why oh why?

Fallen leaves. Tear drops.
This doesn't add up
We had a great Shower.
He already had a name!
Still some live & some die
Why oh why?

Birth dreams. Uncomplicated.
So ready to meet him.
Waters burst. Here he comes!--A cry!
Anticipation becomes Joy
It's a girl, it's a boy!
While another stares at a lifeless toy
To say her last goodbyes
Why oh why 

-Lyrics by tia 10/2017 #tiaRN 

#HBNM #hushbabynotmama #fetalloss #infantloss #prematuityawareness #perinatalnursing #perinatalloss #pregnancyloss #Dare2Dream #Dare2DreamAgain

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