Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MEET The B.E.A.T. Down Challengers

The B.E.A.T Down Challenge was a fun & innovative way to engage Professional Makeup Artists as ‪#‎BeautyLeaders who promote ‪#‎Beauty‬,‪#‎Empowerment‬ ‪#‎Advocacy and #Togetherness‬ within their personal networks. With the belief that #Beauty can ‪#‎Empower‬‪#‎Liberate‬, and ‪#‎Inspire‬, each ‪#‎Challenger‬ hosted her own #Awareness Activity and has been judged on Creativity, Impact & extent of Awareness. 

Photo Credit: DrAjao.com

Meet B.E.A.T. Down Challenge WINNER
That Makeup Chica NIA
Ayana Von Hendricks

Ayana Von Hendricks was deliberate when she approached The Omolewa/B.E.A.T. Down Vendor table at the Curves Rock Fashion Weekend ‪#‎CurvesRock2015‬ event in August. From the start, we could tell that her ‪#‎WordisGolden‬, and when she said she would take on the Challenge, she really meant it! Truly a Passionate & Hard working Pro Makeup Artist who works well with a Team, Ayana has encouraged us greatly by her big heart, ‪#‎backscene‬ servitude and her many professional roles ‪#‎BeautyAndBOSS‬
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Ayana shares: "My Beauty Goal is to let all women know that they are beautiful on the inside first and on the outside next, with the ‪#‎Bonus‬ of a little bit of makeup".
Ayana's "Little Bit of Makeup" plus the Raffles and Goodies at her Advocacy Event!

Ayana advocates for Domestic Violence because the topic hits home for her. She knows that the impact of ‪#‎IPV‬ can feel like "a piece of ones inner soul is being taken away" and she knows the challenge in finding comfort and balance.
Ayana Giving Back to the Women at House of Ruth. Catch her #Flawless look! #BeautyOnPurpose!
Photo Credit: DrAjao.com

Ayana better known as ‪#‎ThatMakeupChicaNia‬ took on not only the rules & guidelines of this Challenge, but the essence of the whole purpose behind this initiative. Ayana merged her Challenge with an amazing Dance Open House with her family's Non-Profit African Dance Company, Keur Khaleyi African Dance Company. While she did makeup in the background, an amazing, full team of men and women from all walks of life, ages and ethnicities danced & played African instruments with such high power and energy that any inkling of stress or sadness was driven away immediately!!! She devised her own raffle and obtained her own sponsors to raise funds for this ‪#‎Powerful‬ and ‪#‎Uplifting‬ Non-profit while ‪#‎Advocating‬ & raising ‪#‎Awareness‬ regarding Domestic Violence. Finally, she provided a platform to share with over 40 people within her network about why we do what we do!

Ayana uses the Art of Makeup to empower others & enhance the natural beauty we already hold. And THAT beauty shined forth in the sweat, the moves, the smiles, the liberation & the outlet of ‪#‎DANCE‬. This Beauty-Empowerment Event went beyond anything we had ever seen and wins for its Creativity, its Impact and for the extent by which it has raised Awareness to others.
Photo Credit: The Photo Chase

Ayana's Dedication as we serve others, and her use of Innovation leads us to announce her as the WINNER of The B.E.A.T. Down Challenge!!!! Congratulations!
Ayana receives Pro Training from 2 Celebrity Makeup Artists and custom logo design, courtesy of DrAjao.com! 

Photo Credit: DrAjao.com

Meet B.E.A.T. Down Challenger, Crystal Drake!

Crystal is focused on "Bringing Inward Beauty OUTWARD." And that is exactly what she has done! Crystal has been present and accounted for from the very beginning of this Initiative and her commitment to the cause has been daunting! She has been so consistent that she was the best candidate for our Health & Beauty Consultant role and Lead of The‪#‎AdvocateMUA‬ Initiative!

For her challenge, Crystal invited close friends over for an afternoon of Makeup & Photos. On the premise of "When you look good, you feel good--and you ‪#‎Flaunt‬ it!", her event used ‪#‎ThePowerOfBeauty‬ to bring out‪#‎smiles‬ & ‪#‎laughter‬ on what would have been just another ordinary day! In addition, over the course of the year, Crystal has represented us at several community events including a Sexual Violence Symposium, the Safe at the Salon Training in Baby Basics Baltimore, and of course ALL of our Outreaches to date!

Photo Credit: K Moon Studios
Crystal, thank you for all of your hard work and commitment. We appreciate you!

Photo Credit: The Photo Chase

Meet B.E.A.T. Down Challenger, Jovandra Sanderlin!

We met Jovandra when she voluntarily offered to observe at our Collaborative Event with @iconicdreamsentertainment in May 2014. We found ourselves in a bind with a cancellation from an MUA, so Jovandra jumped right in and started doing makeup! Since then, she has served with us numerous times, including at ‪#‎TUM2014‬, at our @DrAjao.com Game Nite Event, and with our Outreaches to the Women's Coalition & House of Ruth. 

Jovandra describes herself as "Professional, Stylish and an Enhancer of Beauty" and we wholeheartedly agree! She linked her Challenge to a Makeup Seminar that she hosted for her Brand, Couture Visage Makeup Artistry and provided one-on-one makeup instruction to an intimate gathering of young ladies at a cozy Spa in Baltimore. 

‪#‎ConfidentBeauty‬ = Confident & Empowered Women---that's what we call #BeautyOnPurpose! Thank you, Jovandra, for making a difference with us!

Congratulations to All Challengers who all received a Seat at The Omolewa Cosmetics Master Class held in August 2015. This class included Hands-on instruction  by CEO Irene Dele-Adejumo & an array of  new cosmetics to add to their Professional Kits! Photo Credit: DrAjao.com