The Hush Baby Not Mama Advocacy Campaign

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The Hush Baby Not Mama Advocacy Campaign brings light to Domestic Violence Awareness in Unique Ways (Baltimore, MD October 5, 2015)-- What began as a desire to make a collaborative impact for mothers and children has become an interesting twist of Beauty, Empowerment & Advocacy as tools to "BEAT Down" the impact of Domestic Violence. Hush Baby Not Mama, the brainchild of Innovator Dr. OlaWale H Ajao of, came out of a collective desire to promote an innovative pacifier product by company Tommee Tippee, while bringing awareness to issues including Intimate Partner Violence and Perinatal Depression.

With the belief that no one is more intimate to a person than him or herself, Hush Baby Not Mama brings awareness to Domestic Violence in the perinatal setting and beyond, while also bringing emphasis to mental health issues that perpetuate the silence and powerlessness.

Just as absurdly it is for an adult to wear a pacifier, so is the paradox of the beauty of mother and woman hood being threatened and destroyed by violence to her and her children. Why would someone harm someone so beautiful?

This collaboration includes the engagement of several businesses, advocates, everyday beauties and young professionals inspired to make an impact together. In addition, the Hush Baby Not Mama Advocacy Campaign is paired with several Community Engagement opportunities, all part of an exciting Call-to-Action to The Purple Nation herself, Baltimore, Maryland. Learn more at

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