Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cry: Helping Families through Hard Times

This gorgeous work of art by prolific artist Brandi Carrington @breaking.genesis speaks for itself.

It is simply titled: Cry

The loss of a baby at any stage can be devastating. That is why every year @marchofdimes hosts a Missions Tent to give families the opportunity to cry, to share, and to celebrate babies who have died before their first birthday. All of this happens during March for Babies.

#MarchofDimes strategically creates ways to honor #cherished #memories of beloved little ones. That's truly a unique and special touch to every event. 💜

To all #beloved #babies who have gone too soon, you are still on our hearts and we will never forget you. 


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tears for You, Baby

We have no #tears for you, #Baby 👣
No #fears, no #wings,
No #hearts #broke for you, #Baby
Just #songs to #sing to you
🎶Be #safe. Be #happy. Be #well.🎶
We sing, we #dance, we March for Babies
'Cause all we've got is love for you, Baby 💜👶🏿👶🏾👶🏽 #HBNM #HushBabyNotMama #fortheloveofbabies
#forthevoiceofladies #tiaRN 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Adunni's Dream: Why Oh Why?

In Adunni's #childhood & career, she has struggled with the stark #reality of #senseless #death among #children. This poem is dedicated to her and all the amazing #clinicians / #researchers who ask this question on a daily:

Why oh Why?

Preterm labor...but it's not time
Act of God? Or not so divine
Anxious to save life, Doctors stand by
It's happening again
Why oh why?

Family pacing. Time's a wasting
Silent entry. Occlusive wrap. Intubate.
Research meets confusion and pain
I wish the story was more kind
Little heart rate? A long flat line.
Why oh why?

Fallen leaves. Tear drops.
This doesn't add up
We had a great Shower.
He already had a name!
Still some live & some die
Why oh why?

Birth dreams. Uncomplicated.
So ready to meet him.
Waters burst. Here he comes!--A cry!
Anticipation becomes Joy
It's a girl, it's a boy!
While another stares at a lifeless toy
To say her last goodbyes
Why oh why 

-Lyrics by tia 10/2017 #tiaRN 

#HBNM #hushbabynotmama #fetalloss #infantloss #prematuityawareness #perinatalnursing #perinatalloss #pregnancyloss #Dare2Dream #Dare2DreamAgain

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Please Don't Fly Away

Lyrics by tia's Pretty Little Things

When #babies "earn their wings", most of us never know about it because of the #pain.  And as much as I appreciate dreamy #birth stories, I applaud clinical folks who fight to avoid handing babies wings that they never earned. Unfortunately, however, some still fly. 

To my Sisters, my Brothers who have had to say goodbye too soon, we #acknowledge you. We pray for a brighter story and we can't wait to #cry with you again...#tears of joy. #perinatalloss #fetalloss #stillbirth #alwaysremember #gonetoosoon #earnyourwings #prematurityprevention #marchofdimes @marchofdimes @marchofdimesmdnca @our_beautiful_angels #Octoberis #infantloss #awarenessmonth #Dare2DreamAgain #tiaRN

Friday, September 15, 2017

TIActs! Inc. Presents Holiday Craft Therapy

Indulge your heart & mind in calm crafting, inspired relaxation & guided creativity.

All supplies & tools provided!

Next Escape Opportunity TBD

Friday, September 1, 2017

Hush Baby Not Mama Relaunch to focus on Breaking the Silence

Hush Baby Not Mama #HBNM

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Together Inspiration Acts Inc., (443) 384-7443

The Hush Baby Not Mama Advocacy Campaign breaks the silence surrounding Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders and the Impact of Fetal & Infant Loss (Baltimore, MD November 5, 2017)-- Hush Baby Not Mama [#HBNM], an interesting twist of Beauty, Empowerment & Advocacy has brought light to issues that silence women since February 2014. 

Silence The Mime

Whereas #HBNM has placed an emphasis on  Intimate Partner Violence during the first launch, this relaunch focuses on the silence surrounding all perinatal matters including perinatal mood disorders, loss, violence, postpartum challenges and related preventative health promotion.

Bling Top by Beautiful Genesis Brandi Carrington

With the belief that no one is more intimate to a person than him or herself, Hush Baby Not Mama reminds us to Speak Up during times of hurt or difficulty as we promote health, safety and wellness for ourselves and our community.

Just as absurdly it is for an adult to wear a pacifier, so is the paradox of the beauty of mother and woman hood being stifled by the aftermath of loss, displacement or unexpected challenges. 

This collaboration includes the engagement of volunteer advocates, who are inspired to make a statement together. This initiative is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Follow #HBNM #HushBabyNotMama and learn more at

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Meet Ruth's Closet!

A Special Thanks to Brandi Carrington of Beautiful Genesis for her GORGEOUS Designs
And to Nike C Fatoki for her Compelling Messages

Helping Women & Children impacted by violence is as easy as donating quality clothing and accessories for women
And shopping for GREAT FINDS!

Visit Ruth's Closet this month as your way to GIVE BACK This Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

9131 Reisterstown Road
Owings Mills, MD