Baby Basics Moms Club

Featuring Moms Club Partners (L-R)

Crystal Drake, Pioneer Baby Basics Moms Club Facilitator
Taiwo I Ajao RN, Perinatal Nurse @ Mercy Medical Center/CEO TIActs Inc
Myesia Brown-Saunders, Maternal & Child Health Clinical Team Member @ Mercy Medical Center
Ms. Tahira Rooks, Social Worker at Excel Academy @Francis M Wood
Dashaira Bennet, Baby Basics Outreach Social Worker @ Mercy Medical Center
Ashlee Johnson, Moms Club Educator & CEO of Precious Mommy Bumps
Providing A Weekly, On-site 
For Both Pregnant and Parenting 
Teen Mothers
At their High School.

Health Literacy & Engagement 
Within Families

While supporting Area Initiatives

And Empowering Young Women to make 
Better Informed Decisions

 For the Health, Safety and Well-being 
Of Both Moms & Their Babies

Find Your Niche
And be a part
Connect with us!

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