Thursday, December 29, 2016

FAQ The TIActs! Board of Director Interest

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What is the time commitment?
Each Board Member will be asked to be on 2 Committees where they will contribute to voting and decision making.
In addition, each Board Member will select 1 Initiative of interest. Involvement can be as basic as monthly check-ins to being physically present. Each Board Member will decide in what ways that can effectively stay connected. 

What are the Committees?
  • Professional Development & Grant Funding Committee
  • Beauty Empowerment and Advocacy Committee
  • Perinatal Education & Cultural Competence Committee
  • The Noah's Ark Mission Committee 
What does the Committee Chair do?
The Chair initiates conversations with the Committee. The Chair ensures that the votes and thoughts of the Committee are heard, and they help relay this across to The Executive Board.

What is the Service commitment?
Each Board Member will serve for 2 years (January 2017 to December 2018).

How much are dues?
Dues for Board Members will be $100/year 

What do you need from me?
All we need is your current resume & a brief statement that tells us what initiative & committees interest you.

When is the Deadline to Apply?
Although the Deadline is set for December 31, 2016, we will have a rolling deadline for those individuals who we feel are a strong fit. Please continue to Complete The Intent to Apply so we can connect with you during this busy season.

Please tell us more about each initiative. 

The Noah's Ark Mission

Together Inspiration Acts Inc. is the Fiscal Sponsor & Resident Agent for Noah's Ark Medical Clinic And Mission Incorporated (NAMCAM), a medical & public health initiative to vulnerable children in Nigeria, West Africa with a vision to expand beyond borders. The Executive Director of NAMCAM, Dr. Ethel Adeloye, is in West Africa now to establish a strategic plan with the local government & current leaders of the healthcare infrastructure. The building of a local hospital/clinic has been completed. Together Inspiration Acts role is to focus on fundraising, planning a Summer 2017 Mission Gala, and running a Media Project with Vomoz Media that will help gather video, images and a good concept of the needs of the community. There is more information at

Hello Mommy Birth Support
Hello Mommy Birth Support is a collaboration with Precious Mommy Bumps. It is a cohort-style Childbirth Preparation Program that provides Childbirth Education, Baby Shower Support & Postpartum Doula to at-risk mothers in order to promote self-sufficiency & sustainable health safety & well-being for herself and her baby.  Childbirth education classes run on a weekly basis while Baby Showers occur on selected weekends. Postpartum Doulas work directly with Moms to decide the optimal time for their services. Involvement can include seeking out Partners & Sponsors as well as Grant Opportunities, and engaging in our Baby Showers. More information

The Excel Academy Baby Basics Moms Club

Together Inspiration Acts collaborates with Professional women and other Baltimore City Entities to run a weekly Wednesday Afternoon Moms Club at The Excel Academy at Francis M Wood Alternative High School. There are currently over 30 pregnant & parenting young moms at the school. We exist to teach health, safety and well being for the moms and their children and to inspire them to Rise Above. Involvement could include recruiting professional moms to participate as Speakers, Teachers and off-hour Coaches, and serving in one of these roles. Involvement can also include seeking out Partners & Sponsors. 

Hush Baby Not Mama
Hush Baby Not Mama is a Beauty-Empowerment Self-Advocacy Campaign for the Health, Safety & Well-being of Women & The Children that they love. Our ModelAdvocate AdvocateMUA projects are interwoven into #HBNM: Collaborating with Community Initiatives, Professional Makeup Artists, Photographers, and the Everyday Beauty to promote Health, Safety & Wellness for "The Under Pampered". Plans for #HBNM include a March 2017 Beauty Collaboration between our ProMUA Colleagues & Beyond the Chair Inc. to The House of Ruth. We will also focus on recruiting more Sponsors, Partners and Advocates for a Symposium in 2018 and a ModelAdvocate Fundraising Event. More at

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